TayAbsTEC is software for calculation of the absolute vertical total electron content (TEC) in the ionosphere and differential code biases (DCB) values. TayAbsTEC uses a slant TEC value derived from global navigation satellite systems data by tec-suite.


Just download and extract TayAbsTEC archive wherever you want (for Windows only yet).



TayAbsTEC takes tec-suite output files as an input. These files must contain the following data:

  • tsn
  • hour
  • el
  • az
  • tec.l1l2
  • tec.p1p2 or tec.c1p2
  • validity

In order to get it you must set recFields parameter in tecs.cfg to the following:

recFileds = 'tsn, hour, el, az, tec.l1l2, tec.p1p2, validity'

For further information see tec-suite documentation.

Once you get tec-suite out files, you can

  • Edit absolTEC.dia
  • Run absolTEC.exe


c:\dat\  path to .dat files, outputted by tec-suite
10       elevation angle cutoff
2009     year for which evaluation is performed
9        day of year for which evaluation is performed
joze     site for which evaluation is performed
0.5      time step in hours
0.97     the correcting coefficient: 
          0.97 - for mid-latitude stations,
          0.94 - for high-latitude stations,
          0.87 - for low-latitude stations


You can find an output of TayAbsTEC in a directory three which looks like c:\dat\YYYY\SITE, where

  • YYYY - year
  • SITE - name of station

There are two kinds of files in the directory:


And DDD here it is a day of year.

In SITE_DDD_YYYY.dat you find the following values:

  • UT- universal time in hours
  • I_v- absolute vertical TEC in TECU
  • G_lon, G_lat- linear longitude and latitude gradients in TECU/°
  • G_q_lon, G_q_lat - quadratic longitude and latitude gradients in TECU/°
  • G_t, G_q_t - linear and quadratic time derivation in TECU/hour
  • DCB_SITE_DDD_YYYY.dat files contain DCBs for each satellite (DCB sat) and GPS/GLONASS receiver channel (DCB rec) measured in TECU.


You can report bugs or suggestions via email.


Should a scientific publication evolve from the conducted estimation from TayAbsTEC software, the authors are requested to include citation of following publications, where TayAbsTEC algorithm is described:

  • Yu V. Yasyukevich, A.A. Mylnikova, V.E. Kunitsyn, and A.M. Padokhin. Influence of GPS/GLONASS differential code biases on the determination accuracy of the absolute total electron content in the ionosphere. Geomagnetism and Aeronomy, 55(6): 763–769, 2015. doi:10.1134/S001679321506016X.
  • A.A. Mylnikova, Yu.V. Yasyukevich, V.E. Kunitsyn, A.M. Padokhin. Variability of GPS/GLONASS differential code biases // Results in Physics, V. 5, P. 9–10. 2015. doi:10.1016/j.rinp.2014.11.002.
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Copyright © 2017 Anna Mylnikova, Yuri Yasyukevich.

Please note, that free online access to acquired data is arranged only for educational and non-commercial research purposes.